What Are Your Challenges?

Sad and depressed? Stressed and anxious? Or maybe you're struggling with your relationship or career?

There are times when we all struggle and feel isolated and stuck.

Life's challenges can make you feel less than ‘normal.’ Our goal is to help you directly address these struggles with authenticity and warmth.


Are you tense, fatigued, and panicked, and feeling worn out? As therapists in the Berkshires, we are most often asked to help people with their anxiety. Thankfully, therapy is a highly effective treatment.

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You may feel hopeless, persistently sad, irritable, and have lost interest in almost everything that used to bring joy. We bring to you a deep understanding to help restore hope and rebuild a sense of engaging with life again.

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Career Counseling

You weren't given a manual for career success. However, you are all too aware when you are headed in the wrong direction, or you are feeling bored, frustrated, or burnt out. We can help you focus on your career to guide you towards fulfilling work and fulfilling your potential.

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