Feeling Disconnected and Hopeless?

Our goal is to restore hope and connection with life.


Find relief and the tools to lead a more fulfilling life.

Don’t Feel Hopeless On Your Own

Sadness and feeling a lack of motivation are a regular part of life. Depression, on the other hand, often feels like a hopeless hole that you cannot escape. Our Berkshire therapists can patiently be with you as you deal with these painful emotions.

We’re Here When You Feel Ready To Address Your Depression

Our Berkshire therapists understand how draining it can feel to seek help when you are feeling depressed. When you find the energy, we are here to help you work through these challenging times so you can find relief and be you again.

Depression Is Often Described As Feeling:

  • Hopelessness and powerlessness
  • Persistently low in mental and physical energy
  • Disengaged with life
  • Down for long periods of time
  • Significantly lacking in motivation
  • Angry and irritable

Our Berkshire Depression Therapy:

  • Improve how you feel by working to restore hope that change is possible.
  • Understand what’s driving your depression under the surface.
  • Build a sense of resilience and confidence to deal with stress and disappointments.

It may be hard to believe now. However, with work and finding the right therapist in Berkshire County to address your symptoms of depression, you can find the motivation to move forward, gain hope, and believe in possibility.

More Americans have been diagnosed with depression in recent years. Thankfully, depression is also highly responsive to treatment. We urge you to seek help with depression so that you do not needlessly suffer

Berkshire Therapy Group

16 million.

That is how many Americans are diagnosed with depression every year according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

Berkshire Therapy that Thinks Beyond Normal

To us, your journey isn’t just back to “normal.” Let’s get you to your best.

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